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Welcome To Frescdepops

We are a team of professional entrepreneurs who have started our journey by producing high quality egg whites. We provide our customers with the highest quality premium egg whites EggOn in a convenient container. We have ZERO tolerance to Quality defects and have been approved by FSSAI. EggOn is also lab tested and certified. Each EggOn jar contains nothing but pure 100% Egg Whites which have been fully pasteurized.

We understand the need for healthy lifestyles, along with diet programs, we are able to share our secret of low cost and high quality Egg Whites with our customers. Egg Whites offer the most availability of protein out there for your health, and it’s ALL NATURAL!

Our product EggOn is 100% natural and real eggs. They are pasteurized for safety, just like milk and other dairy foods you enjoy every day, so you can add them to any recipe without concern about food borne illness.