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Liquid Egg Whites 1ltr (40+ Egg Whites)


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Egg whites are a typical fixing in a wide range of cooking applications. More advantageous scrambled eggs? Quiche? Baked goods? Pancakes, crepes, French toast, casseroles, cakes, shakes, the rundown continues forever. These are an advantageous help that will make your life simpler and more beneficial. Also, since they’re plain, they’ll simply take on the flavor of whatever you’re adding them to. Give us a chance to spare you the problem and wreckage of breaking and separate the eggs yourself.

  • “EggOn” Egg White is 100% liquid egg whites.
  • It’s is a convenient, cholesterol-free, fat-free and low-calorie or we can say a healthy replacement to regular eggs.
  • The best way to fulfill your daily protein need in order to achieve your fitness goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle. EggOn is a healthy source of protein and can be used in any recipe that requires eggs.
  • You can also go through the description given below on this page to know more about EggOn “Egg Whites”.

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