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Some mornings... You are late for work and you want something quick. Fry a thin layer of EggOn egg whites up in a small pan and top them off with some mushroom, tomato and grated cheese. Let them get firm and roll it up before flipping for just a minute. They're great! I love these a lot!

Anubhav Gulati

Fantastic product. We make scrambled eggs and my husband puts them in his protein shake.

Priyanka Bajaj

These are great to have on hand when you want something light, like a post-workout snack

Nikhil Verma

These are perfect. They taste just like the egg whites I get from whole eggs without all the work to separate them. I feel better using these as opposed to regular eggs because I also feel bad just tossing out the yolks I have no use for.

Prashant Singh