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World Over the Eggs are sold in convenient, easy to use and hygienic containers rather than with Egg Shells!
  • EggOn is easy to carry
  • EggOn is easy to store
  • There is no wastage with EggOn
  • You can eat EggOn as you like i.e. Omelettes, Scrambles, Smoothies, Protein shake etc
  • EggOn saves time
  • EggOn can be consumed at any time of the day


EggOn gets you moving and keeps you going!
  • EggOn is packed with Protein and is a Cholesterol-free, Fat-free and a low-calorie alternative to regular eggs
  • EggOn is ideal when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle. Adding protein to your diet has never been so convenient from Omelettes to Smoothies to Other Beverages.


Choose EggOn for your daily Protein Needs!
  • If you want to stay healthy, lose weight and reach your peak physical activity then it is important to understand your Protein intake need.
  • On an average, a woman need around 46 grams of protein every day while a man needs close to 60 grams of protein
  • Sports Players, Athletes and Physical fitness enthusiasts have a significantly higher Protein needs. Based on the level of activity, a female athlete may need 80-115 grams of protein a day, whereas a male athlete may need more than 100-150 grams of protein a day
  • Egg white contains almost no fat and carbohydrate content is less than 1%. Egg whites contain just over 50% of the protein in the egg.
  • High Protein Diets Can Help You Drop Fat comparatively faster and make you feel fresh longer
  • The Right Amount of Protein at the Right Time can result in a Big Muscle Gain
  • As we age, loss of muscle leaves us at risk for bone damage, joint disorders and mobility loss. We Begin Losing a large amount of Muscle Mass in 40’s to Early 50’s. Protein and right Exercises can help us fight natural muscle loss.
  • High protein diets have been known to reduce the risk of Hypertension

Nutrition Information

EggOn Egg whites are totally nutritious option for a healthy lifestyle !
  • An average egg has 186 mg of cholesterol, all of which is found in the yolk. The egg white is completely cholesterol free.
  • Egg whites contain more than half of an egg's protein and virtually no fat. Egg white has 17 Calories compared to 71 Calories in the whole Egg.
  • Egg white contains healthy minerals like Potassium and Sodium.
  • Egg Whites also contain essential amino acids that allow your body to soak up protein faster.